Rabu, 09 September 2015

Brief Battery for Ford Focus Reviews

One of the advantages of running a successful online publication like Battery for Ford Focus Reviews Auto Trends Magazine is that I get to preview and drive numerous vehicles before or just as they hit the market. A recent call from the Battery for Ford Focus Reviews arranged for my drive of the 2012 battery electric version of the Ford Focus, a compact car slated to go on sale summer 2011. This vehicle will be important for two big reasons: it will replace the current American spec model with the European derived one, offering a better-looking, more fuel efficient and updated package. It will also allow customers to buy an electric car if they choose to do so, though the gas version producing 40 mpg on the highway may be sufficient for most drivers.

What was so special about the Battery for Ford Focus Reviews? Well, it was the same car produced for the Jay Leno Show as part of the TV personality's bid to showcase green cars. This specially developed prototype is based on the Focus SVT, a car sold in Europe and considered by some to be the sportiest and fastest compact car on the market. But, that was just the exterior of the vehicle underneath the Battery for Ford Focus Reviews featured an honest to goodness lithium-ion battery pack, exactly like the one that will be found in production versions of this car. This particular prototype functioned just as well as a production car, with none of the customary squeaks, rattles and unfinished compartments apparent.