Senin, 07 September 2015

Ford Focus Dog Guard Has Role Function

Bringing a dog a walk or take him to a place that require travel by car which can lead to stress in dogs who never drove before. Ford Focus Dog Guard can also lead to stress to you that are driving and requires concentration on driving. Dogs that stress was in the car often hopping in your car, even a walk into the under-under your car seat or stand towards the window or the steering wheel, worse likely he will bite your car seat or she vomited in your car. This is not a good thing even I categorize very dangerous, because Ford Focus Dog Guard can interfere with your concentration. There are some tips and ways that you can use to make this trip enjoyable and least safe for you and your dog.

Bring your dog into the car and you can accompany him sit back with using Ford Focus Dog Guard, and stroked your dog, for some time. Initially your dog will probably start sniffing and explore the car, always say "no" and put him in the starting position, you can also prepare the bone-reinforcing or toy that will occupy his attention to sit still in your car. Revive automobile engine (not road) when your dog has been quiet. The dog will be shocked and started to stand or jump towards you, reassure your dog by placing him in a position to sit or lie down and stroked your dog, so that he will know that there is nothing to worry about from the vibration of car because there is Ford Focus Dog Guard.